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Rainbow Six Siege: Bet on Non-Standard eSports with GG.Bet

Is CS too dull for you? Rainbow Six betting is its fantastic alternative. This diverse game features many different maps and, most importantly, operators. Thanks to their capabilities of creating new ankles of attack/defense, providing battlefield intelligence, and supporting their teammates, each R6 match is a spectacle.

These factors have made a game an eSport. A few months after its release in 2016, Ubisoft launched its first tournament, Intel Extreme Masters. Now, R6 world-class events run regularly. You can bet on them at GG.Bet. Today, we’ll teach you how and provide tips for more wins!

R6 Siege Features and Pro Matches

For Rainbow Six betting to bring success and income, you need to be an expert not only in wagering but also in META of the game. R6 follows a 5v5 match pattern. Before the game starts, everyone picks an operator and departs to spawn. There are two of them. The first one is out of the facility, so it’s for the attacking team. Defenders stay inside.

Teams’ tasks depend on the game mode:

  • Bomb – attackers must defuse one of two bombs. It requires installing a defuser on the bomb and protecting it for 60 seconds;
  • Hostage – attackers must find and extract the hostage out of the facility. Teams can “down” the hostage. If that happens, they must revive him, or they lose. The opposing team prevents that;
  • Secure Area – attackers must secure a biohazard inside a facility. To do it, they must enter its room and stay inside without defenders.

Another win condition for each mode is eliminating an opposing team. However, it’s different in the Bomb mode. If attackers have installed a defuser, defenders must destroy it after killing the opponents, too.

Realistic and Tactical Gameplay

Players love Rainbow Six Siege for the game’s realistic setting. Shots here are lethal. While in other games like Apex, your character withstands tens of bullets, in R6, 3 - 4 of them cause death.

It encourages players to be careful and tactical. The game allows it. Maps are structured so you can always find a different way to reach your objective. They have several floors, corridors, windows, doorways, and other entrances you can squeeze in. Moreover, players can create workarounds themselves.

Operators with Unique Abilities

Lots of the R6 operators can interact with the environment. Let’s take Slegde as an example. This bald British warrior is known for his ability to wield a giant hammer. But it’s not for killing. Its primary use is breaching walls so his team can attack from an unexpected angle.

However, a hummer makes a lot of noise. So that’s one of the ways Slegde’s opponents can reveal his plan. Pulse can do it through the Heartbeat Sensor. It’s an intelligence operator who uses a special device to track opponents through surfaces. But there’s more.

In R6, many operators impact the battlefield directly. For instance, grenades are a popular tool to eliminate opponents risklessly. Jager counters it. He installs an active defense system that destroys all the nades flying nearby.

We’ve just described only 3 operator types: breach, intelligence, and anti-gadgets. There are also anti-entry, trapper, support, crowd control, front line, and map control operators. Rainbow 6 betting will present them in action.

Intense Close-Quarters Combat and Destructible Environments

Now, imagine all of that in close-quarter combats. Rainbow Six professional matches turn into breathtaking sequences of elaborate tactical moves. Each operator has his own task. But simultaneously, they cooperate as a team to achieve a single victory.

Rainbow Six Betting Types

Betting on Rainbow Six is even more exciting due to its various markets. You can wager on:

  • Match-winner – a team who wins a match;
  • Map-winner – a team who wins a map (one of the BO3, BO5, etc.);
  • Totals – if the score goes over or under a given number. A score can be a total kill number, the time a round lasts, etc.;
  • Outrights – a team that wins an entire tournament;
  • Handicap – a line that evens the odds for the match-winner bet. Often, the gap between facing teams is too big. Odds on the favorite are too low, but for an outsider, high yet unlikely to fulfill. To make such matches more attractive for you, we use handicaps. They reduce win conditions for a weaker team. For example, instead of scoring 2 maps to win BO3, it has to score just 1;
  • Prop bets – bet on outcomes specific to R6. As the game is a tactical shooter, we devise many prep bets, while the most popular are First Blood Drawer, MVP of the Match, etc.

All these R6 bets require a different skill level. So, if you’re starting out, we recommend a match-winner line for the best accuracy. Next, move slowly to prop bets.

Get the Best Rainbow Six Odds in Live Bets

GG.Bet features live betting. In fact, you can place a Rainbow Six bet on all events live and even watch streams on our site. They’re attached to every match. Moreover, Rainbow Six betting in real time is more profitable due to its increased odds.

But be careful. When betting live, the odds constantly shift due to the in-game situation. So, predict it and wager before the odds change.

How to Bet on Rainbow Six Siege with GG.Bet?

So, now you see a list of matches before you. Here’s what to do next:

  • Click a Rainbow Six on the left (you can use a browser’s search tool to find it quicker);
  • Select an event that should unfold beneath a game on the left;
  • Click on any match you want to bet on in the middle of the screen;
  • Pick a betting market by clicking the Rainbow 6 odds;
  • Specify your wager to the right and apply it.

But don’t hurry to follow this guide. First, get bonuses. Look out for the “Personal Bonus” that gives you a 300% match to your first deposit. You can get up to C$100 from it.

And don’t forget to calculate the Rainbow Six betting odds correctly. Here’s how you do it. For example, there’s a match between Team A and Team B. Their odds are 2.5 and 1.30. According to the bookmaker’s prediction, Team B is likelier to win. Lower odds indicate it. If you’d like to bet C$100 on it, you’d win C$130 (initial bet + C$30 win). To calculate it, simply multiply your bet on the odds.

Rainbow 6 Betting Tips

Betting on Rainbow Six is tricky. Most bettors spend hundreds of dollars and place tens of bets before they develop a reliable wagering strategy. But you can work around that, just like Sledge. The following tips will help.

  • Know Everything about R6 and Play It Yourself

You can’t do Rainbow Six betting without knowing a game. So, first of all, learn how the game works, what operators do, win conditions, etc. Get knowledge through videos or playing yourself.

  • Evaluate the Choice of Operators for Each Team

As you know about operators now, you can acknowledge their impact. You use it in live Rainbow Six Siege betting. So, look at the operator picks from both teams and try to predict whose side is stronger. Consider counterpicks here.

  • Always Conduct Pre-Match Analysis of Opponents

It’s also imperative to know who controls operators. So, learn players, too. Before Rainbow Six Siege betting, examine both teams’ previous matches and their results. Also, apply it specifically to players if needed.

  • Don't Bet Your Entire Budget on One Outcome

Following your budget is one of the betting basics. It applies to betting on Rainbow Six, too. So, consider how much you can spend on Rainbow Six Siege eSports betting monthly. It’s your budget.

To use it consistently, divide it into portions based on how many events in the current month. Stick to that plan, and don’t let yourself breach the budget.

  • Know How to Determine Player Tactics During a Match

Pay close attention to how teams are playing. You’ll see their tactics. Of course, it requires game knowledge and viewing experience. But once you can do that, live betting will be easy for you.

Major R6 Tournaments

GG.Bet features the biggest R6 tournaments. Six Invitational is a king among them. This event is organized by Ubisoft and ESL and is conducted offline. Commonly, it resides in Montreal, Place Bell.

SI has grown significantly recently, and its prize pool 2023 was $3,000,000. That’s what 20 of the world’s best teams fight for. So if you decide to wager on the Rainbow Six Siege match, this event is exactly what you need!

Another S-tier event is Gamers8. It’s also organized by ESL, and it runs on Riyadh Boulevard. It invites 8 teams. A competitor circle is even tighter, so these are the best of the best. The event’s prize pool is $2,000,000.

And finally, there are two R6 majors. Traditionally, they run in opposing times of the year, like spring and autumn. In 2023, they both had $750,000 prize pools. Each event features 24 teams, so there will be many matches for Rainbow Six betting online.

Take Everything from Rainbow Six Betting with Canadian GG.Bet!

Even now, in 2024, 9 years since the R6 release, the game is worthwhile for bettors. There’s a proof. Rainbow Six features 4 major annual tournaments and many minor ones.

To unlock all the game’s betting possibilities, pick GG.Bet. As we are one of the best Rainbow Sit betting sites in Canada, we offer a wide choice of events, numerous markets for each, and higher odds.