Motorsports Betting in Canada


There are various sport competitions involving driving of motorized vehicles — mainly cars and motorcycles, but ultimately any vehicles, even aircrafts and drones. All of them fall into the category of motorsport. The most popular are the racing competitions, but there are also non-racing sports, such as drifting, trails and freestyle. There are two main governing bodies in the sport: FIA, which oversees four-wheeled motorsports, and FIM, which administers two-wheeled competitions. Due to a high number of competitions and multiple disciplines, there are always many events on which to wager, and you will always be able to find an event with odds suitable for you.

The Most Popular Motorsport Competitions

Among all the motorsport competitions, racing in its various forms is the most popular one. The most prestigious automobile racing is, without any doubt, Formula One, which has been dominating the scene since its inaugural season in 1950 and is especially popular in Europe. The competitions are held using the fastest open-wheel cars specifically built by the best constructors. The cars can reach a top speed of approximately 370 kilometres per hour (230 miles per hour). Each season consists of multiple races, known as Grand Prix Races — since 2010, each season has included at least 19 races, which are held all over the world. The other single-seater series, which is especially popular in the United States is IndyCar, which was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind. All recent IndyCar Series has included at least 15 competitions held across the United States; the most prestigious of them is the Indianapolis 500. The other popular motorsport competitions include MotoGP — a premier motorcycle racing event, as well as the American stock-car racing organization, NASCAR.

Motorsport Betting

At GGBET, you can always find all of the main motorsport competitions on which to place bets with the best odds. To start betting on sports, you only need to:

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Why Bet on Motorsport?

Motorsport is one of the most popular types of sports to bet on at GGBet. Here are some of the reasons our customers enjoy it!

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