Hockey sobre hielo

Hockey is a team sport that originated in the 19th century in Canada, and, since then, its popularity has risen dramatically. Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular types of sports in many countries, including Canada, Norway, Finland, Belarus, Russia, the United States and many others. The main hockey leagues are NHL (Canadian and American teams) and KHL, which consists of teams from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia and Slovakia.

Things To Consider Before Placing Bets on Hockey Games

Before starting to put money on this type of sport, one should learn the basics of the game. As in any other team sport, here, the main goal is to beat the other team by scoring a higher number of points. It stands to mention that, unlike soccer, there is no concept of a tie, which means that a match is played until a winner is determined in overtime or by a shootout.

Each team is represented by six players on ice, including one goaltender and five other skaters that compete to score in the match. Hockey is a contact game, which means that it is very active and fast-paced, and, due to the high number of physical encounters, it can result in some players being injured and benched. For this exact reason, most of the teams have a great number of substitutions, sometimes up to 20. It means that you need to constantly find out who is going to play in the match that you want to wager on, since team composition drastically influences the odds and the result of the game.

What types of bets are available?

There are generally three options on which you can bet. Those options are as follows:

  • Score: You can wager on number of scored goals either in the entire match (including overtime) or in specific period;
  • Odd/Even: Whether the result will be an odd or even number; and
  • Handicap: When a team is given a virtual advantage/disadvantage.

How To Win Betting On Ice Hockey

Are you having a hard time winning your ice hockey bets lately? Don’t worry, use these tricks to start winning now!

  • Study the head-to-head record - The most powerful predictor of an ice hockey match is the head-to-head record!
  • Check out both teams’ recent form - View both teams’ win-loss records over their previous games. Stick to teams who are in great form.
  • Analyze the roster - Before you bet, make sure you check out both teams’ rosters and see if any star players are missing!
  • Bet on the hometeam causing an upset - Hometown teams often perform better than expected. They can often get an unexpected win over a strong favorite!

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