Beach soccer

Beach soccer
Beach soccer

Currently, the most popular type of sport in the world is association soccer, so it is only natural that there are various forms of it. Beach soccer is one of the newest of them, it is also known as beach football. As a professional sport, it emerged only in 1992 in Brazil, when the first formal set of rules was written. In general, it includes all the central rules of standard soccer, with only a few exceptions. First and foremost, it is played on sand, and this is the defining feature of the sport, as sand is a much harsher environment compared to grass. For this reason, the field is considerable smaller and the match length is reduced to 36 minutes total (three periods of 12 minutes). Each team consists of five players, who all play in bare feet. Currently, there are plenty of international and local events all over the world, which is good news for those interested in beach soccer betting; you will always be able to find a match to place bets on with favourable odds.

A Truly International Sport

Although it started in Brazil, nowadays, beach soccer is popular across the globe. The world championships have been organized annually since 1995 by Beach Soccer Worldwide, but in 10 years, BCW and FIFA have joined forces, and, since 2005, the world championship is held by FIFA. Starting from 2009, the tournament has been held every two years. The first World Cup outside of Brazil was held in 2008 in Marseille, France, and now the location of the tournament changes every time. Brazil, however, is still the most successful nation in the sport; in total, its team has secured 14 championship titles. The other major international beach soccer events include Intercontinental and BSWW Mundialito. In addition to it, there are multiple regional confederations.

Beach Football Betting

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Is Beach Soccer Worth Betting On?

Beach soccer is an emerging sport with amazing potential. Here are some of the reasons why GGBET players love it:

  • Fast-paced action - A beach soccer game is only 36 minutes with lots of end-to-end action. You will never get bored watching this incredible sport!
  • Lots of goals - The average beach soccer match features 11 goals! If you love curling long-range strikes, this is the sport for you!
  • Incredible skill - Similar to futsal players, beach soccer players are known for their creative skills, you will witness some incredible bouncing shots and passes that take advantage of the sand!
  • Fantastic odds - Beach soccer betting markets are much softer than traditional football markets, there are always great opportunities!

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