American Football Betting in Canada

American Football
American Football

Being a combination of association soccer and rugby, American football emerged in the 19th century in the United States. The first set of rules was written in 1880 by Walter Camp, which introduced the concepts of 11-player teams and downs. Nowadays, it’s especially popular in the United States and in Canada. With the NFL and CFL organizing top-level events throughout the year, the fans of American football betting always have interesting options on which to place their money with reasonable odds.

Popular Sport in the United States and Canada

In terms of popularity, American football is the first sport in the United States, with the NFL being the most prestigious league with the highest following. After merging with its rival AFL, today, the NFL consists of two conferences — the NFC and the AFC. Currently, each of them includes 16 teams. During the regular season, which is held between September and December, each team participates in 16 games. Then, the top six teams from each conference advance to the playoffs, which are held in a single-elimination format, where the teams from the NFC start in one part of the bracket, and the AFC teams start in the other. The playoffs stage ends with the Superbowl taking place in early February, which is when the best teams of each conference face each other. The sport is also very popular in Canada, with the CFL being the most competitive league. It was founded in 1958 and currently includes nine teams, five of which belong to the West Division, and four teams are part of the East Division.

American Football Betting

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What Bets Can You Make On American Football At GGBET?

GGBET has more American football action than you can handle! Check out the exciting bet types below:
  • Winner - Will the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs? At GGBET, you can bet on the winner of every single NFL game!
  • Handicap - Want to make American football betting even more interesting? Try our handicap markets, where even the most boring games are turned into thrillers!
  • Total - Are you great at predicting score lines? Then this is the bet for you. If you predict the total amount of points scored, you win!
  • Odd/Even - In this fun, novelty bet, you have to predict if the final score of an American football game will be an odd or even number!

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